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Give Your Panoramio Photos a New Home

Mapillary is a community with a passion for sharing street-level photos that highlight the unique and beautiful places of our planet.

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Create immersive views using tools like smartphones, action cameras, DSLRs and 360º cameras. See the power of your photos and what goes on behind the scenes.

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Migrating from Panoramio

Now that Panoramio is closed, you may be looking for another place to upload your geo-referenced photos. While the process is not as straightforward as we would like, you can upload your geo-referenced photos to Mapillary by following the steps below:

  • 1. Connect your Panoramio account to your Google+ account. You can read Panoramio’s guide on how to do this here. Make sure you do this before November, 2017 so you don’t lose your photos for ever.
  • 2. Download your Takeout file(s) and check to see if your photos have GPS information in the EXIF. On Windows you can do this by right clicking on the file, selecting ‘Properties’ and then the ‘Details’ tab. If your photo has GPS information you will see a section called ‘GPS’ with Latitude and Longitude information. On MacOS you can do this by selecting or opening up the file in Preview and pressing CMD + I to bring up inspector. You will see Latitude and Longitude under ‘More Info’. This information is required for us to upload photos to Mapillary.
  • 3. Log into your Mapillary account and go to the uploader to upload sets of photos. Note that Mapillary treats photos as sequences, meaning a series of photos taken one after the other in close proximity. Lines are created between photos to show this relationship. Don’t be concerned if you see lines between the photos you uploaded as we process them and cut them if we identify a large distance between the photos.