Automotive Solutions

Train visual perception models and scale up map updates to help autonomous vehicles understand their surroundings.

Robust and accurate visual perception models

Train perception models for autonomous driving with the Mapillary Vistas Dataset and the Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset to develop vehicles that understand street scenes and recognize traffic signs all over the world in different seasons, weather and lighting conditions, and viewpoints.
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Mapping solutions
Continuous map updates

License map data generated from hundreds of thousands of images that collaborators add to the Mapillary platform daily. Add imagery collected by commercial and autonomous fleets and share data between different endpoints so all vehicles will benefit from the data that the other ones are collecting. Mapillary’s computer vision technology processes imagery fast and delivers automatically extracted map features such as traffic signs to help keep maps and navigation systems up to date.
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Mapping solutions


Scaling up
Keep maps up to date at scale by using automatic map data extraction.
Constant updates
Use fresh data from hundreds of thousands of images that are added to the database every day.
More details
Include details seen from the ground level that are not visible from satellite or aerial imagery.
High diversity
Street-level imagery from more than 190 countries all over the world, collected in different seasons, times of day, and vantage points—driving, cycling, or walking.
The platform supports a broad range of cameras to get imagery in, while tools for retrieving processed data let you pull map data into the applications and workflows you need.
Collaborative database
Use imagery on Mapillary contributed by people, companies, governments, and organizations all over the world.



All imagery in Mapillary's database is processed with world-class computer vision connect images, create smooth transitions, and extract map features. Use our developer tools to bring imagery and map data to your own applications.
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Data Licenses

License street-level imagery and automatically extracted map features from the world’s fastest-growing database. Imagery from 190+ countries and support for 1,500+ types of traffic signs extracted as map features.
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Mapillary Vistas Dataset

Train models that understand street scenes around the world in diverse weather, season, time of day, camera, and viewpoint conditions. The Mapillary Vistas Dataset includes 25,000 high-resolution images with pixel-accurate human annotations, covering 152 object categories (100 instance-specifically annotated).
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Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset

Train traffic sign recognition models based on training data from diverse environments and devices. The Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset includes 100,000 images with both human and machine annotations for more than 300 traffic sign classes around the world.
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Mapillary is an independent and neutral provider of street-level imagery and map data, untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.
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