Any Camera, Anywhere

Contribute to Mapillary with any kind of camera: smartphones, 360° cams, action cams, dashcams, or pro-rigs. Here are our recommendations.

Your Smartphone

Capture and upload imagery with the smartphone you already have. Smartphone capture is easily accessible and simple to set up.

We like the Google Pixel A series phones for the excellent camera quality and low price and iOttie brand phone mounts. Take our look at our full mount recommendations.

Download the Android and iOS apps

360° Camera: GoPro Max

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive camera to take your mapping to the next level, we recommend the GoPro Max.

With a 360 camera you can capture in every direction at once and mount it on your car, bicycle, or on a stick for walking.

Learn more about the GoPro Max

LabPano PilotPano (EE)

The LabPano PilotPano (EE) is Mapillary's recommended professional-grade 360° camera, offering 360° imagery in 8K resolution.

Learn more about the PilotPano (EE)

BlackVue DR900X

The BlackVue DR900X is Mapillary's recommended dashcam, able to capture ultra-wide 4K imagery. Dashcams are semi-permanently installed within a vehicle, so they're able to capture imagery right away on any drive.

Learn more about the BlackVue DR900X

Action Cam: GoPro Hero Series

The GoPro Hero action cameras are compact and offer great image stabilization, making them ideal if you also want to bike off-road for example.

However, if you are looking for the best mapping camera for the price, we would probably choose the GoPro Max (above) for its 360 degree field of view.

Learn more about the GoPro Hero

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