Mapillary Capture Tools

Capture and upload street-level imagery with simple tools

Collecting fresh imagery is easy. You control when and where to capture, using the equipment and workflows that suit you.

Support for different equipment
From phones to high-end cameras, the Mapillary platform handles imagery from a broad range of devices so you can find your optimal capture solution.
Mapillary apps for Android and iOS
Action and 360° cameras
Professional capture equipment
Key features
Key features
Use the simplest tool in your pocket with the Mapillary app for Android or iOS. Choose the optimal capture settings whether you’re driving, walking, or cycling. Build custom capture apps with our SDKs.
Action cameras and 360° cameras
Workflows for proven consumer-grade devices for high-quality and all-around imagery, including support for multi-camera setups. Control selected external cameras directly from the Mapillary app.
Professional capture equipment
Support for high-end equipment for the greatest precision and image quality.
Flexible upload methods
Add freshly captured imagery or bring existing photologs and videologs to Mapillary with upload options that match your capture equipment and image volumes.
Uploading from mobile apps
Web uploader
Uploading with command line tools
Key features
Key features
App upload
Upload with just a few taps when capturing imagery with the Mapillary apps. Choose to upload on wi-fi only or use mobile data as well.
Web uploader
Upload existing imagery or images collected with action cameras and 360° cameras with a simple web interface.
Command line tools
Pre-process and upload imagery in bulk conveniently from your command line. Our tool packages get you started without cumbersome installation processes.
Try our command line tools
Contributors all over the world
Gamification for growing coverage
Manage and scale image collection
We work with our community and partners to provide services and workflows for quickly getting coverage in your region of interest.
Key features
Key features
Global contributor network
Collaborate with Mapillary contributors in 190 countries.
Use gamification to motivate community contributions and scale coverage fast in an area with the #CompleteTheMap concept of capture challenges.
Mapillary Tasker
Coordinate image collection and data verification tasks to create data in your area of interest.
Capture services
Outsource image collection to our capture partners to quickly reach strategic locations.
See how others use Mapillary
“We've now got information on whether paths are paved, how wide they are, if they need repair, and so on.”
Supplement property and land use surveys with imagery
Collect imagery to help deliver aid and assess disaster damage
Increase mobility by crowdsourcing images
Track and document how places change

Start sharing images and accessing map data

Mapillary is an independent and neutral provider of street-level imagery and map data, untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.
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