BlackVue DR900M

The camera that turns any vehicle into a mapping van

Take control of collecting the map data you need.
No complex, expensive setups. Just a smart dashcam that captures imagery wherever you drive.
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Mount the camera, capture as you go

Just put the BlackVue on the windscreen and drive your planned routes. The camera collects images passively, with no extra effort from you.

Upload images to turn them into data

Use our tools to quickly and securely transfer images to Mapillary where they’re blurred for privacy, combined into 3D views, and analyzed to extract data.

Use imagery and data in mapping workflows

Imagery and data available for updating maps and location datasets in OpenStreetMap editors and HERE Map Creator, ArcGIS and QGIS, or your custom tools.

The Mapillary Dashcam is optimized for collecting data for mapping and navigation

High-quality imagery for mapping

Great detail from 4K Ultra HD video and a wide-angle view, combined with location information from built-in GPS. Custom frame rates enable full days of capture.

Easy installation on any vehicle

Adhesive mount makes it easy to adjust to all windshields with various degrees of slant. Powered via a 12V port (cigarette lighter) or a hardwired solution for permanent installations.

End-to-end security and privacy

Add extra security with data encryption on the camera. Videos are decrypted only in the Mapillary cloud, where privacy blurring is applied before imagery is made available.
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Start collecting the data that you need

The BlackVue DR900M ships with everything you need to get started immediately.
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From $460

Camera specifications

Capture sensor
  • Configurable frame rates: 1 FPS, 2 FPS, 5 FPS, 10 FPS, 30 FPS
Recording format
  • Video (.mp4 as h.264 and h.265)
Image quality
  • 8 MP sensor, 4K Ultra HD video
  • Field of view at least 120 degrees
  • GPS update frequency at least 3–5 recordings per second
  • Video embeds GPS and sensor data in the image EXIF
  • Records the GPS accuracy
  • Pre-upload processing excludes capture when GPS signal lost, when accuracy is too low, when vehicle is parked, and when vehicle captures during nighttime hours
Privacy and security
  • Available encryption where the videos are entirely encrypted from capture to the Mapillary cloud. Access only available to data that has privacy protection from blurring faces and license plates.
  • Available option for contributor names and attribution to rotate randomly
  • Available option to define a privacy zone or geofence where imagery is excluded from publication
  • Stores UTC timestamp
  • Obtains timestamp from GPS
Other sensors
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
Other data logging
  • EXIF metadata (list)
  • Camera UUID
Form factor
  • Placement: option to toggle “Flip/Rotate” for image, based on mounting
  • Power: indicator lights and sounds (recording, GPS, Wi-Fi, errors)
  • Capable of selecting known connections and Wi-Fi networks
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