Take control of the data
that navigates your fleet

Any vehicle can collect road and location data with affordable cameras. Mapillary makes the data available to you and others for fixing maps and planning routes.
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Mapping in Logistics Report 2020

Delivery companies waste billions of dollars every year due to broken maps.

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Your fleet can make optimal deliveries when maps and location data are up to date


Know where roads are built or closed, turn restrictions and speed limits added, and more.


See what parking opportunities look like and how much space there is for different vehicles.

Pick-up and drop-off

Get a visual overview of the destination and how to access it.

How Mapillary helps you
fix maps and optimize routes

Fleets passively collect images of their routes

Drivers simply turn on a camera during regular operation. Mapillary transfers imagery to the cloud quickly and securely.

Mapillary makes imagery and data available

Images are processed to apply privacy blurring, create 3D views, and extract navigation data like traffic signs, roadwork assets, etc.

Mappers and planners use data for updates

Coverage is now available from where it matters to you, providing a visual reference and source of map data to improve your drivers’ routes.

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Why Mapillary?

Affordable cameras

No need for high-end equipment or cameras built into vehicles.

Easy setup

Cameras can be moved to the vehicles that make most sense.

No data lock-in

You keep ownership of the imagery collected by your fleet.

Imagery as well as data

Imagery is available for visual reference, together with machine-extracted data.

Get started in no time with Mapillary’s custom dashcam for fleets. End-to-end encryption ensures privacy from capture to cloud.

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Start collecting the data your fleet needs.

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