Keep your geospatial datasets up to date with street-level imagery
Use street-level imagery to edit data in your GIS tools and save time with automatically extracted map features. Capture your own imagery anywhere and as often as you need.
Asset inventory
Maintain and manage street-level assets by keeping data up-to-date with virtual inspections and automated feature extraction. Support for more than 40 types of objects commonly seen in street scenes, and over 1,500 traffic signs from 100 countries for a detailed traffic sign inventory.

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Road and street maintenance
Manage up-to-date visual information about streets and roads and make it available in tools and applications.

Host pavement and right-of-way imagery to do road and road-side inventories, determine the need for infrastructure creation and maintenance as well as support planning efforts.

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Infrastructure and urban planning
Enhance urban mobility, accessibility, and last-mile connections by using street-level imagery as a data source for planning.

Capture new imagery easily to document and monitor the construction progress of roads and streets, sidewalks, buildings, and amenities.

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Property and land use surveys
Save time with virtual site visits that aid with property appraisals, insurance valuations, and land use assessments.

Use existing imagery in the Mapillary database or capture your own to reduce the time your specialists spend on repeated site visits.

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Host photologs and videologs on a cloud platform that makes it easy to access the imagery, share it across teams, and integrate into the tools and workflows you use.

Elevate the use of the imagery with automatically extracted map features to add to your geospatial datasets.

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Open data
Publish your street-level imagery on Mapillary to make it available to everyone.

Enable citizens to easily access public data and information, and organizations to make use of shared imagery to boost development and innovation.

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Why Mapillary?
Easy access
Manage street-level imagery in the cloud to make it accessible to your team without the constraints of storage hardware or proprietary software.
Simple imagery collection
Create your own street-level imagery and update it as often as needed, using the Mapillary mobile apps (iOS and Android) or any GPS-enabled camera.
Automated data extraction
Save time with machine-extracted data: objects are automatically detected in images and positioned on the map as map features.
Fast turnaround
Images are processed into views, faces and license plates anonymized, and map data extracted within hours of uploading to the platform.
Start accessing imagery and map data
Mapillary is the platform that makes street-level images and map data available to scale and automate mapping.
We’re committed to building a global service for everyone.