Add details to HERE Maps
using street-level imagery

Capture your own imagery and use it as a data source directly in HERE Map Creator to update roads, streets, points of interest, and much more.

Mapillary imagery and map data are automatically available in Map Creator to help you with map edits.

Collect imagery anywhere you need

Capture and upload images with your smartphone or any kind of camera with GPS. Mapillary processes the imagery and makes map data available.

Edit with HERE Map Creator

Turn on the Mapillary imagery and data layers in HERE Map Creator and use them as a reference to add points of interest and road information.

See how others use Mapillary to improve HERE Maps

Taxi drivers in South Africa
In South Africa, taxi drivers have been using their smartphones to collect street-level imagery as they drive.
HERE community in Taiwan
HERE Community leads in Taiwan have been working with university students and cyclists to collect imagery.
Ride-hailing in Russia
Citymobil uses Mapillary's BlackVue dashcams to collect imagery of their routes, enabling the HERE Maps team to do rapid map updates.

What's on

Events and challenges for the Mapillary community
15 Aug 2019 to 30 Sept 2019
First to 250 km (#MapMyYear)
Sept 2019 to Nov 2019
Global verification challenge
Dec 2019 to Jan 2019
#CompleteTheMap VI
Feb 2020
#CompleteTheMap VII

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

First, create a Mapillary account. You can do that here on the web, or in the Mapillary app for iOS or Android. It only takes a minute and then you’re ready to start contributing imagery from the places that you want to edit on the map.

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How do I capture images?

The easiest is to use the Mapillary mobile app. Just go to the camera screen, tap on the Start button, and start moving. The app will start capturing images for you. But you can also use action cams, 360° cameras, and dashcams to capture.

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How do I upload?

If you captured with your smartphone, you can upload directly from the Mapillary app. If you used another camera, use our Desktop Uploader for macOS or Windows to upload images in a fast and convenient way.

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How do I use the imagery and data?

Mapillary imagery and traffic sign layers are available directly in HERE Map Creator. To turn on the imagery layer, use the Mapillary icon at the bottom right of the Map Creator screen. The Mapillary Traffic Signs layer is accessible through the layer icon at the top right, under the Support Layers dropdown.

Learn more about Mapillary in Map Creator

About Mapillary

Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using cameras, collaboration, and computer vision. Thousands of individuals and organizations contribute images, which Mapillary analyses to extract map data such as traffic signs, street lights, bicycle parking, and more. The imagery and automatically derived map data are made available to aid the mapping process.

About HERE Map Creator

Map Creator is a tool developed by HERE Technologies that allows anyone to add or update maps by adding data such as road information, routes, points of interest, and house numbers. Mapillary is integrated directly into Map Creator, providing visual reference and machine-extracted data to aid map edits. The changes you make in Map Creator reach millions of people through the many appplications where HERE Maps are used.

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Start contributing images and
accessing map data

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