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Validate and update traffic data with fresh visuals
Enhance the local search experience for citizens
Supplement satellite imagery with views from the ground
Improve in-app navigation and route planning
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Traffic sign extraction
Extract map features automatically. Computer vision recognizes traffic signs and estimates their locations.
Global traffic sign recognition
Detectors for over 1,500 types of traffic signs in more than 100 countries.
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Point features on the map
Estimated coordinates based on the positions of the images containing traffic signs.
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Change tracking Beta
Ongoing updates for speed limit changes, sign maintenance, road works, and more.
Object recognition
Inventory image content fast with computer vision. Each geotagged image is pixel-wise segmented and labeled.
Object labels
More than 60 object types detected in imagery by top-ranking algorithms for street scenes.
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Line features Beta
Demonstration of labels merged into line features for sidewalks, guardrails, lane markings, and more.
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Fresh updates
Ongoing updates for changing road geometries and curb data.
Global fast-growing coverage
Benefit from the collaboration of people and organizations that contribute new imagery every day.
Global reach
Imagery from all over the world combined into one navigable view.
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Fresh updates
Hundreds of thousands of images added to the dataset daily.
Network of contributors
Individuals, companies, NGOs, and governments share their data.

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Mapillary Platform
Create your own street-level imagery and use the power of computer vision to extract map data at scale
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Mapillary Technology
Mapillary is powered by world-class computer vision for object recognition, traffic sign extraction, and image anonymization
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