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How we work

At Mapillary we have big visions and goals and we’re here to make an impact with our work. We are focused and passionate, with a long term goal of making the world accessible to everyone by building the best photo representation of this planet.

We are based in Malmö, Sweden, but work with a remote team. Today we have colleagues in Barcelona, Graz, Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm and Zagreb.

We expect you to be fluent in what you do. You join a small team of very talented people, so we trust you are up to a high-impact, fast pace working environment mostly based on chat and Github with less meetings and more responsibilities.

As a team we work distributed and people work where they want, when they want. GitHub, Trello, Google Drive, Hangouts, and Slack are our main work tools. We ship early, in the open, and make multiple releases every day. We believe a small team of dedicated, passionate people can make something great, on a global scale.

What we look for in people
You like open source, open data and community.
You are curious and want to learn and grow, every day.
You are hard working with an attention to detail.
You are independent and can set your own goals and pace.
Diversity and Inclusion at Mapillary

As a distributed company diversity almost comes naturally, but we're not there yet. We encourage an increasing range of diverse team members from all over the world. We are continuously improving our unbiased environment that empowers empathy and deep respect for each other. We want to make you feel inclusive on all fronts as we foster open dialogue and transparency about anything, including changing processes, practices, and policies.

Diversity at Mapillary is never limited to, gender, gender identity or expression, differences in race, sexual orientation, political and religious affiliation, cultural and socioeconomic background, geographical location, any disabilities or status, and age. Or in short, we welcome anyone!

We'll keep working with others that share our values and striving to increase the visibility of underrepresented groups. We hope you consider joining us on our journey!

Open positions
Growth Engineer

We’re looking for a Growth Engineer to join our team. As a member of the growth team you will together with the rest of the team be working on driving user growth at the intersection of product, engineering, marketing, and data. We’ll be running experiments to improve and to learn about acquisition, activation, retention and virality and to share this knowledge with everyone at Mapillary.

Key responsibilities
About you

This is a technical position, where programming and data analytics will be at the core of your work. You're probably a few years into your career and are eager to grow and shape the growth roadmap together with us.

Send your resume to together with a short explanation of why you are passionate about what Mapillary is building. Also, please describe one of the following experiences you've had: a time when data proved your intuition wrong or a time when a change in user experience resulted in a much larger change in user behavior than you had expected.

Front-End Developer

We’re in a search of skilled front-end developer who loves building great web experiences and have a passion for making complex apps appear simple to users. We’re explicitly looking for developers with experience with large single page apps.

You will be building new and efficient front-end applications that will connect to public APIs and maintain the currently used ones. One of your task will be maintaining To get a gist of what we do, check out mapillary-js which is one of our core components you’ll be working with.


Some of the technologies or frameworks we use: TypeScript, RxJS, Angular 2, Three.js, mapbox-gl-js, PostCSS, basscss, webpack/system-js

Ps. We support IE11+ :)

Currently we have no other opennings but we are always on the lookout for great candidates who share our vision. Feel free to contact us at or swing by our office anytime.