Mapillary has grown into a worldwide network of collaborators, with people and organizations having mapped millions of kilometers across 190 countries. That's literally a long way from where we started in 2013. Here's the founding manifesto we wrote when we first started out.

At Mapillary we want to create an image representation of the world, a map with images of every place on Earth.

Current street view alternatives have so many limitations from the fact that they are created using cars with camera rigs, focusing on streets. There are many places on this planet that they will never get to, and even the places they do get to will not get updated as often as you might want them to. Together we can fix that.

In order to build this globally, we need your help! If your neighborhood or town is missing street view, go out and map it with Mapillary. If your business has no street view, take images of it and the roads leading there with Mapillary. If you want to share your favorite hike or bike ride, map it with Mapillary. We are committed to making the most out of every single upload and creating the best possible experience with your contributions.

Take images. Take lots of images. There is no limit to the level of detail you can add or the places you can go. Don't take tens of images, take hundreds or thousands at a time. The more the better. Our servers can handle it, your phone can handle it.

The time is right. We are now at a point in time where the tools and infrastructure to make this happen are widely available. Phones have great cameras, good GPS, and enough storage to hold thousands of high quality images. Internet connectivity for uploading these images is widespread. Large scale compute infrastructure is available and scalable to mind boggling levels.

Here are some good examples that show what a decent amount of images can do, all crowdsourced from real people like you.

Malmö, Davos, Venice Beach, Bjärred, Dresden.

Mapillary is untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.

Go out, make a difference using the phone you have in your pocket everyday.

With love,

Jan Erik, Johan, Yubin, and Peter

(a.k.a the original Mapillary team)

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Mapillary is the platform that makes street-level images and map data available to scale and automate mapping. We’re committed to building a global service for everyone.