#map2020 for better maps in undermapped regions

In Spring 2019, Mapillary and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) invited teams to use street-level imagery to accelerate critical map data collection for humanitarian challenges. The teams were working towards a chance to be awarded a fully-funded trip to the HOT Summit in Heidelberg, Germany, to present the results in front of the international humanitarian mapping community.

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9 May 2019
22 May to 14 June 2019
1 June 2019
30 June 2019
2 July 2019
19 to 20 September 2019
Submissions open
Online webinars
Submissions close | Mapping projects begin
Mapping projects complete | Results submitted
HOT Summit projects announced
HOT Summit in Heidelberg, Germany
Launching #map2020

The name 2020 comes from the area between 20ºN and 20ºS of the equator which accounts for a significant portion of the land where we are missing maps. 2020 also represents the year which provides us with a milestone to work towards with the objective being extensive imagery and map data in a few of these locations around the world.
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Mapping solutions
Project highlights

Overall, 33 teams from 27 countries submitted projects, and two were selected to present their projects in Germany. Take a look at some of the participating projects on our blog.
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Mapping solutions

Criteria for projects

Map for a humanitarian cause
Participating locations should represent areas that are facing humanitarian challenges and working on mapping-related projects to address them.
Involve street-level imagery
Make street-level imagery collection a core part of the workflow from the beginning of the project to help gather extensive map data in the chosen area.
Leverage existing structures
Build on existing humanitarian mapping initiatives and collaborate with local and international organizations in the area.
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