A JavaScript & WebGL library that renders street-level imagery from Mapillary.
Combined panning of visually similar images
Display custom popups in the viewer
Getting started
To start using MapillaryJS, you need a create a Mapillary account and register your application to obtain a Client ID. Sign up on Mapillary
Include MapillaryJS with script tags

Add MapillaryJS to a web page by including the JavaScript library and the stylesheet.

And then to get started simply add a container and initialize a viewer.

Using MapillaryJS with a module loader

Install the MapillaryJS npm package.

npm install --save mapillary-js

Then include the CSS file on your page or through your module loader/bundler.

Import MapillaryJS like you would with any other module and start using it.

Start using MapillaryJS
Sign up on Mapillary
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