Mapping Solutions

Update maps at scale and enhance them with fresh street-level imagery.

Map editing

Supplement satellite and aerial imagery with views from the ground to add street and road properties, building descriptions, navigation restrictions, points of interest, and more. Get fresh data fast as new imagery is added to the Mapillary database, and scale up by using automatically extracted map features.
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Mapping solutions
Location search and navigation

Enhance your application by adding street-level imagery to the user experience. Integrate the Mapillary viewer so users can virtually “look around” in places where Mapillary imagery is available.
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Mapping solutions


Frequent updates
Use fresh data as our community adds hundreds of thousands of images to the database every day, all over the world.
More details
See things from the ground level that are not visible from satellite or aerial imagery.
Scaling up
Keep maps up to date at scale by using automatically extracted map data.
Quality improvements
Visual references let you validate map edits and resolve conflicting information to ensure the quality of your maps.
Visualizing places
Add street-level imagery to your navigation and location-based services with an image viewer that enables customers to see how places look.



All imagery in Mapillary's database is processed with world-class computer vision connect images, create smooth transitions, and extract map features. Use our developer tools to bring imagery and map data to your own applications.
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Data Licenses

License street-level imagery and automatically extracted map features from the world’s fastest-growing database. Get access to imagery from 190+ countries, and map features for 42 types of objects and 1,500+ different traffic signs.
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Bring visual references directly into your mapping workflow with the integrated Mapillary imagery layer and viewer. Available in JOSM and iD editor for OpenStreetMap and Map Creator for HERE maps.
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Start sharing images and accessing map data

Mapillary is an independent and neutral provider of street-level imagery and map data, untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.
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