Mapillary and Open Data

Showcase and share street-level imagery

How it works

Gather existing imagery or capture new images

Send us files via DropBox or FTP - or mail us a hard drive

Host, view, and share on for free

Get more out of your imagery

Helsingborg, Sweden. Professional capture in 2013 by WSP Sweden.

Learn more about integrations and tools for viewing, editing, and extracting geospartial data once your street-level imagery is hosted on Mapillary.

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Drive engagement across agencies and citizens

Victoria, Australia. Professional capture in 2014 by ARRB.

Encourage collaboration by providing easy access to the imagery across agencies and the public.

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Show the world your streets

Johns Creek, GA. Capture from multiple Garmins mounted on a car.

Tell the story of your town through street-level imagery — easy access through any web browser or Mapillary mobile apps.

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What kind of imagery can Mapillary support?

Mapillary can import any kind of street level image or video files as long as there is accompanying GPS data. For videos, we support a minimum resolution of 720p.

Why should I contribute my imagery to Mapillary?

Mapillary helps breathe new life into high-quality street level imagery that may be sitting on a shelf gathering dust after serving its purposes for a specific project. By contributing imagery to Mapillary as Open Data you create opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration, citizen engagement, and data extraction using Mapillary solutions.

What is the cost of hosting imagery on Mapillary?

Hosting, viewing, and sharing imagery on is free.

What are the license implications?

As a contributor, you retain full ownership rights and title to the images you contribute (please make sure you own the rights and title to the images in the first place!). You grant Mapillary a worldwide, royalty-free license to reuse the images. Mapillary provisions street level imagery to the general public under an open license

How can the imagery and data be used?

Mapillary community members tell stories through images of their towns, trails, and travels. Mappers and geo enthusiasts use data from our images to improve commercial maps and OpenStreetMap. GIS professionals use our ArcGIS app for municipal work or commercial projects, Non-profits and NGOs use Mapillary to create up-to-date maps of developing communities for urban planning, emergency management, and conservation. (Learn more about Mapillary's

What tools can be purchased on top of the free hosting?

Our tools include the iD editor and JOSM plugin for OpenStreetMap, the Mapillary for ArcGIS app for viewing and editing GIS data, the MapillaryJS library for embedding our image viewer in any mobile or web application, and the Mapillary API for deeper integrations into educational software. (Learn more about our

How do I get started?

Please contact us through the form below and tell us about street level imagery that you are interested in contributing. Once you transfer the images over to Mapillary, we will do all the work required to import the images.

Tell us about your imagery

We would love to get in touch with you! Send us your name, your organization and a little bit about yourself and your imagery to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.