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Mapillary's commitment to OpenStreetMap

Mapillary imagery and data is always free and open for OpenStreetMap. Mapillary maintains integrations with Rapid Editor, iD Editor, and JOSM for viewing imagery and AI extracted point data including traffic signs, street assets, and infrastructure. Mapillary can be used to verify map data, add new attributes or geometry, and get a real world look at places on OpenStreetMap.

We work closely with people and organizations in the OpenStreetMap network to build better tools for using Mapillary images and data, and anyone can contribute to this process. We’re committed to supporting OpenStreetMap. Mapillary data is also used in OsmoseQA, MapRoulette, OsmAnd and other community tools, and Mapillary supports the OSM community at various conferences, events, and organizational levels.

Edit the map with Mapillary

There are many tutorials online for how to improve OpenStreetMap with Mapillary, including our top recommendations here:

Tutorial: Edit OSM with Mapillary + Rapid

Learn to use Mapillary images in the Rapid editor for OpenStreetMap to edit and improve the map.

Watch tutorial

Tutorial: Using Mapillary in JOSM

Use Mapillary smart edits to turn images and AI detections into map data.

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How others use Mapillary for OpenStreetMap

Power Mapping in Sierra Leone

Students in chapters across the YouthMappers network are finding innovative ways to use geospatial data and tools to improve Sierra Leone’s electrical grid.

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Navigation in Undermapped Regions

Mapillary and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team launched #map2020 to solve one of the greatest developmental challenges for low- and middle-income countries: maps and navigation.

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Open Maps for Serbia

The Microsoft Open Data Team in Serbia contributed over 1,000,000 images on 8,000 km of roads, validated 300,000 traffic signs and made more than 4,000 traffic sign related edits in OSM.

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Rights for OpenStreetMap

You have the right to use any Mapillary image for editing and deriving metadata for the purpose of contributing content to OpenStreetMap. Such metadata could be street numbers, road signs, street names, building descriptions, road conditions etc. Derived metadata may be published directly to OpenStreetMap under the OpenStreetMap Foundation contributor terms. Mapillary images are available under an open license (CC BY-SA).

Mapillary appreciates attribution for derived metadata, for example using the tag source=Mapillary or by linking to mapillary.com. This is also a useful way for us to track and understand what type of data and images are most useful for OSM, and build tools accordingly.

Start accessing imagery and map data

Mapillary is the platform that makes street-level images and map data available to scale and automate mapping. We’re committed to building a global service for everyone.