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Mapillary Integrations
Geospatial analysis with Esri
Use street-level imagery and data in workflows with leading GIS software
Mapillary integrations across the ArcGIS suite bring street-level imagery to Esri maps. As the leading GIS software provider, Esri products are used by GIS professionals across industries, from government and commercial sectors to conservation and disaster reponse.
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Property appraisal with Bruce Harris
Walk through fresh street-level imagery to conduct virtual property appraisals
Headquartered in Batavia, IL. Regional offices are located in: Taylorville, IL; Gainesville, FL; Port S. Lucie, FL; Pineville, NC; Coshocton, OH; Norwalk, OH.

Bruce Harris & Associates (BHA) partnered with Mapillary to bring seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use, affordable, image collecting and sharing applications to clients. Mapillary has been integrated into BHA’s products and services, including the Parcel Access Template (PAT), a digital parcel viewer; and the Paperless Reappraisal System (PRS), a set of applications used for property tax assessment. The PAT’s Mapillary feature allows users to view street-level imagegraphy alongside an interactive map. The PRS’ Mapillary integration enables users to capture and display street-level imagegraphy while conducting onsite property appraisals. It is also a useful tracking method for office staff, as it provides a real-time look into the locations and actions of field staff.
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Road survey with Roadroid
Gain deeper insights into road quality issues by reviewing street-level imagery
Based on experience from R&D in 2002-2006 and with smartphones since 2011, Roadroid AB was founded in early 2012. Since then over 40 versions of the app have been released and + 20 million points of data have been delivered to our server from all over the globe. The web interface has been undergoing 3 major phases and will continuously provide enhanced functions for our users.
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Mapillary Consultants
Engineering consulting with WSP
Execute infrastructure and smart cities projects globally by partnering with the leading engineering consultancy
WSP is one of the world's leading engineering professional services consulting firms. We provide services to transform the built environment and restore the natural environment. We have 36,500 employees, based in more than 500 offices, across 40 countries, on every continent. One of our special services is offering 360° imagery capture services for geospatial projects in the transportation, environment, and energy sectors.

Mapillary partners with WSP Sweden (45 offices nationwide) and WSP USA (100 offices nationwide).
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GIS consulting with Sige
Work with the local GIS experts in Morocco to apply Mapillary solutions to GIS problems
Founded in 2012, Sige offers high capacity skills in GIS project management and development of geography-focused smart solutions. Sige is also an active member of the Moroccan and African OpenStreetMap communities.

Sige offers design and implementation of operational solutions based on the Mapillary platform for construction site supervision, web communication, asset management, and mapping, using versatile modes of imagery capture, including indoor and outdoor high resolution and 360° photography while hiking, biking, skiing, motorbiking, driving, sailing and diving.
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GIS consulting with AlantGeo
Work with the local GIS experts in Australia to guide you through Mapillary solutions to GIS problems
AlantGeo is helps customers design and build mapping solutions, from maps design to developing geospatial applications for web and mobile. They also provide consulting and development services around the OpenStreetMap ecosystem. Through Mapillary integrations, they help advance your business through street-level insights.
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GIS, large-scale surveys, and asset management with Immergis
Collect data through mobile mapping and analyze it for asset inventories and road assessment
Immergis, with more than 80,000 km of roads surveyed, offers large-scale and high-speed GIS data acquisition (immersive views, LiDAR 3D, collaborative mapping) and analysis services, as well as provides a dedicated web-based platform for linear infrastructures management. Immergis facilitates knowledge sharing and decision making for network infrastructure managers and operational teams. They support organizations with services for complete network management: from data collection, GIS data processing and database conception, and urban environment 3D modeling to the analysis and assessment of the entire network.
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Data collection with Honey Badger Analytics
Get assistance with data collection, equipment, and training your team
Located wherever we are needed, Honey Badger Analytics focuses on getting data to customers in formats that customers will use and will benefit their bottom line. Honey Badger helps you operate better with the data you need when you need it. From teaching and data collection on the street to GIS implementation and maintenance, Honey Badger works with you to attack your particular problems, turning them into outstanding solutions that help you move forward.
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Mobile mapping with Märker Geospatial
Add street-level imagery to your GIS for roadside and property asset management
Märker Geospatial offers mobile mapping tools and solutions to collect 360° street-level imagery that help you visualize, measure, assess, edit, and validate roadside and infrastructure asset data remotely in a fast, safe, and economical way. Whether you prefer Märker Geospatial to build rich spatial datasets for you or simply provide you with the tools to do it yourself, you will be able to bring important infrastructure data straight into your GIS as well as roadway and property asset management programs. Street-level imagery collection can be combined with LiDAR, thermal, and drone imagery datasets to allow managers, engineers, planners, maintenance workers, GIS specialists, and others make better, faster, and more informed decisions.
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Mapillary Community Partners
Disaster response with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Help create maps in places where they're most needed in the world
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) applies the principles of open source and open data sharing for humanitarian response and economic development. Free, up-to-date maps are a critical resource when relief organizations are responding to disasters or political crises. HOT creates and provides those maps. Mapillary works with HOT to empower local mapping communities and help prepare for disaster response.
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Building the future of mapping with YouthMappers
Grow a new generation of mappers to lead the future of mapping
YouthMappers is a global network of student-led university chapters dedicated to mapping real-world challenges and growing the next generation of mappers. The consortium was founded in 2015 by Texas Tech University, George Washington University, and West Virginia University and funded by the USAID GeoCenter. Today, it is a network of more than 5,000 university student mappers organized in 120 campus chapters across 38 countries. Mapillary works with YouthMappers to help students leverage the power of technology in mapping.
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Mapping an entire country with #MapLesotho
Enrich mapping with the ground perspective provided by the local community through street-level imagery
Mosotho urban planners, Fingal County Council from Ireland, and OpenStreetMap contributors from around the world work on the #MapLesotho project to make Lesotho the best mapped country on OpenStreetMap. Mapillary gives mappers an advantage on the ground level, enables adding detail to the maps, and spurs the competitive spirit of #MapLesotho.
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