Red Hen Systems

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado; operates globally.

With more than two decades of expertise in geospatial metadata solutions, Red Hen Systems bridges dynamic markets from conservation to energy, military to transportation, and utilities to satellite imagery. Red Hen Systems provides agile metadata strategies for HD images and video mapping systems. With Red Hen Systems products, professionals simultaneously collect multiple streams of data, including full motion video (FMV) and still images, GPS coordinates, time and date information, and other applicable data.

  • Data/Media capturing services and sales
  • Media geotagging and visualization tools using Google Earth, Esri ArcMap platform
  • GIS consulting and engineering services
  • Pipe-I services (Aerial and ground borne methane patrols)
  • Road Assessment Kits (RAK) services and sales
  • Infrastructure and environmental monitoring services and sales
360 Cameras:
  • Nikon 360, Samsung Gear 360, LG360, Ricoh Theta S, Kodak Orbit360, Orah 4i
High Resolution Industrial Cameras
  • OGI Camera, FLIR camera etc. combined with laser range finders
  • Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Ex toolkit for aerial inspections
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