Photosynth to Mapillary—Creating 3D Views

Mapillary is a tool that lets you create immersive 3D views of an area using your smartphone, a 360 camera, an action camera or any GPS-enabled camera.

Capture images and upload
Explore sequences from around the world
Use images and derived data to get insights on an area
Join us!

Mapillary at a glance

Imagine being able to explore anywhere in the world with immersive images taken across different points in time. It's this vision that drives the passionate Mapillary community forward, as we work together to create a worldwide image map.

Arriving from Photosynth

Our team has been following Photosynth since its early days and has been thoroughly impressed with what the team there has been able to build. The Photosynth community has created some pretty epic synths and we’d love to see the innovative ways you’ll use Mapillary. Here are a few things we thought you’d like:

  • Global coverage. All that’s needed to contribute is a camera and GPS. This means that people can contribute images from pretty much anywhere.
  • Immersive tours. Images you take are combined with others into one image representation of the world. After upload you can view and share your sequences easily.
  • Map data. Images are used by mapmakers and map editors to add details to the map. These maps are then used to build resilience against natural disasters, improve transportation infrastructure and assist navigation routing.
Win an LG 360

To help you get started with Mapillary, we're giving you the chance to win an LG 360 camera. Simply share a link to your favorite Mapillary sequence on social media with the hashtag #MapillaryExplore together with a comment why you like it. Send us a link or screenshot to enter the draw.

Behind the scenes

We see images as more than just pretty pixels. With every image uploaded we seek to understand what meaningful information can be derived. We do this by:

Get Started


We’ve developed a suite of tools to help you create and share with Mapillary images. Whether you want to embed an immersive view into your website or create an application that uses our API to call street-level images, we’re excited to see what you build.


Embed street-level images anywhere

Mapillary Vector Tiles

Display Mapillary data in vector maps

Mapillary API

Access our data for geospatial applications

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