Mapillary Platform

Share and manage street-level imagery and map data

Use computer vision to create street-level imagery with ease and extract map data at scale.

"Mapillary has saved us months of painstaking work collecting street sign locations manually."
Survey rural road development remotely
Save time on asset inventory with automated data extraction
Host and view photo logs as open data
Make roads safer for cyclists
See how others use Mapillary
Create your own street-level imagery by using simple tools
Upload imagery taken with any camera. You control when and where to capture.
Capture tools
Mapillary apps (iOS and Android), action cameras, or professional rigs—use what suits your work.
Data import
Bring your existing photo or video logs to Mapillary with our upload tools.
Capture services
Outsource image collection to our capture partners.
Build the world’s best street-level dataset by working together
Collaborate with your team and the Mapillary contributor network to collect, improve, and use data.
Global network
Collaborate with Mapillary contributors in 190 countries. Share and use data for everyone’s benefit.
Manage your team’s efforts to get the imagery and data that your organization needs.
Coordinate image collection and data verification tasks to create data in your area of interest.
Let computer vision do the heavy lifting
Avoid cumbersome manual workflows. Mapillary combines your imagery into a navigable view and automatically extracts map data.
Explore places and data
All contributed imagery is combined into one visual representation of the world, available to anyone.
Traffic sign recognition
Over 1,500 types of traffic signs in more than 100 countries automatically extracted as point features.
Object recognition
More than 60 objects labeled in imagery and provisioned with the image locations.
Work with imagery and data anywhere you need
Save time by adding Mapillary images and data to your geospatial workflows. Get data updates as new imagery is added.
See prices for data licenses
Web interface
View data updates in your area of interest and download as a file to use in your tools.
Developer resources
Use the MapillaryJS viewer, vector or raster tiles, and the Mapillary API to integrate imagery and data into any tool, app, or website.
Work with imagery in existing integrations with ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap, and HERE tools.

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Start sharing images and accessing map data

We believe that there is a need for an independent and neutral provider of street-level imagery and map data, untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.