Mapillary Platform

Host, process, and publish street-level imagery and map data

Easily create street-level imagery and use computer vision to extract map data at scale.

From images to street-level data
Host street-level imagery in the cloud and make it available to everyone. Our platform blurs faces and licence plates, connects images into a navigable street-level view, and lets you extract geospatial data.
Image viewer with base map integration
Accurate privacy blurring
Smooth transitions when navigating between images
Automatically extracted map features
Manual tagging tools for managing imagery
Tools for human verification of machine-extracted data
Key features
Key features
Cloud hosting
Host your street-level imagery in the cloud for easy access and sharing. Our platform has been built for reliable, scalable operations. Hosting your imagery publicly is free.
Privacy compliance
All faces and licence plates are anonymized with highly accurate algorithms. Tools are available for manual adjustments or reporting images that should be reviewed for privacy.
Automatic map data extraction
All images are processed to render views and extract map data using the world’s best computer vision and machine learning technology.
Learn more about map data
Smooth viewing experience
Move between images with 3D transitions and get a spatial reference with base map integrations on the web and mobile. Embed the viewer in your tools and websites.
Tools for managing and tagging imagery
Manually review map positions and orientations, delete and comment images, or tag objects and scene properties.
Tools for data quality assurance
Verify machine-extracted map data by adding human validation to the workflow.
Publishing open data
Enable citizens to easily access public data and information. Share street-level imagery with other organizations, governments, researchers, and companies to boost development and innovation.
Option for private hosting
For projects that can’t be shared with the public, private hosting is available as a paid service.
A platform that connects
Connect to tools and workflows to add images to Mapillary. Use the processed imagery and automatically extracted data in your favorite GIS and mapping tools or build your own integrations.
Support for various cameras
Integrations with GIS and mapping tools
Developer resources for building applications
Key features
Key features
Support for simple image collection tools
Tried-and-true workflows for capturing and uploading make it easy to publish new images and data on the platform.
Learn more about capture tools
Integrations with GIS and mapping tools
Connect to the most popular GIS and mapping applications through integrations for ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap, and HERE Map Creator.
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Developer resources
Use the MapillaryJS viewer, REST APIs, and vector or raster tiles to integrate imagery and data into any tool, app, or website.
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Teams with different member roles
Imagery belonging to the organization
Geographic shapes to work with your areas of interest
Subscriptions for downloading data and using imagery
Capture projects for complete imagery coverage
Verification projects for machine-extracted data
Marketplace to find help for completing your projects
Mapillary for organizations
Work with your team to collect and manage street-level imagery for your organization. Post mapping requests to our contributor network when you need help. Explore and license public Mapillary imagery and automatically extracted map data in your region of interest.
Key features
Key features
Collaborate with team members from anywhere using a shared workspace on Mapillary. Add and manage users and access rights.
Organization imagery
All team members can contribute imagery that the organization owns, simply by selecting the desired upload target when logged into their individual account.
Regions of interest (Shapes)
Set up geographic shapes to get a summary of the imagery and map data available in your area and explore it in detail with map visualizations.
License public Mapillary imagery and automatically extracted map features. Your team will have shared access to fresh data (GeoJSON, shapefiles, and API access) throughout the subscription period.
Learn more about data and licensing
Imagery capture projects
Run projects for quickly getting complete imagery coverage in an area. Manage your own team or outsource the project to our contributors. See progress in real time as drivers complete capture tasks.
Data verification projects
Run projects for getting machine-extracted map data verified by humans and collaborate with our contributor network to complete them. Updated data will be shortly available for downloading or accessing through APIs.
See how others use Mapillary
"Mapillary has saved us months of painstaking work collecting street sign locations manually."
Survey rural road development remotely
Save time on asset inventory with automated data extraction
Host and view photo logs as open data
Provide up-to-date visual information about roads

Start sharing images and accessing map data

Mapillary is an independent and neutral provider of street-level imagery and map data, untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.
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