Mapillary is a street-level imagery platform, powered by collaboration and computer vision. By making street-level imagery available and affordable, Mapillary helps to build smart cities, create the maps of the future, and pave the way for autonomous vehicles. Mapillary’s apps and tools empower anyone to collect, share and use street-level images to explore places. Using computer vision, Mapillary reconstructs locations in 3D and recognizes objects from the images to generate map data. People all over the world have contributed more than 170 million images toward Mapillary's mission of helping people understand the world's places through images.

Mapillary also provides a set of APIs so that others can build solutions using the images and the data extracted. There is also a viewer and widget that anyone can embed.

For businesses, there are commercial solutions, including private repositories. With this, any organization can have the full Mapillary service in a closed environment where only users given permission may use and access the service.

We’re happy to answer your questions about Mapillary. Drop us a line or read our blog for the latest developments and news.


  • Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden
  • Size: 33 people
  • Founded: September 2013
  • Platforms: Web, iOS, and Android

Media and downloads

Mapillary logos

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  • Application logo
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Mapillary mobile apps

  • Screenshots with device
  • Plain screenshots
Download high-resolution images, iOS

Download high-resolution images, Android

Mapillary for the Web

  • Screenshots of the web viewer highlighting some features
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Talks & Presentations

Creating a Visual Map of the World with Crowdsourcing and Computer Vision

- RAAIS, London, July 2017

Nordic Showcase of Mapillary at Slush 2016

- December 2016

Johan Gyllenspetz: Using Mapillary to Improve OpenStreetMap

- State of The Map, Seattle, July 2016

Editing OpenStreetMap with Mapillary

- State of The Map, NYC, June 2015

Crowdsourcing Map Photos

- LDV Vision Summit, 2014

Mapillary - Street level photos for OSM, directly in iD

- State of the Map, NYC, 2015

Mapillary - The missing view of the planet

- State of the Map, Buenos Aires, 2014

Mapping the world together

- GeoInfo, Gävle, 2014