Mapillary release notes

16 July 2024

Mapillary for Android 6.4.32

  • wide angle camera support (for newer phones supporting logical multi-camera APIs)
  • manual capture enabled outside of automatic capture - you can take images with the manual capture button without starting a sequence, the images will be grouped to one sequence until you start the automatic sequence or if the time between captured images is more then 10 min
  • toggle ON/OFF Flash on capture in Settings
  • map on the Camera screen is rotating in the user facing direction
  • reduced data consumption of the map on Camera screen (it was noticeable while driving in densely captured areas)
  • display of captured distance
  • UI improvements
  • Bug/Crash fixes

2 July 2024

Mapillary for iOS 6.0.3

  • The Camera screen now handles the case where camera or location permissions are not granted and now shows an alert
  • Fix for bug that could cause a crash on the Camera screen if there was a camera error or if permission to use the camera was not granted by the user

27 June 2024

Mapillary for iOS 6.0.2

  • Fix for bug that could cause a crash on the Homepage or Profile (2nd try)

25 June 2024

Mapillary for iOS 6.0.1

  • Fix for bug that could cause a crash on the Homepage or Profile

20 June 2024

Mapillary for iOS 6.0.0

  • New screens for Homepage, local sequences, leaderboards, uploading, navigation
  • Full support for light and dark mode
  • New launch screen
  • Improved profile caching
  • Location permission is now only requested when needed
  • Added image reporting option for unlawful content
  • Many minor UI improvements across the whole app
  • Fixed crash that could happen when viewing your profile
  • Fixed bug where credentials were not always saved to keychain during account creation
  • Fixed bug where capture time was not displayed using the correct time zone

13 May 2024

Mapillary for Android 6.3.22

  • Images of captures are saved to Pictures directory on the device and accesible from outside the app
  • Added option to save selected images from not yet uploeaded captures
  • Fix for Infinix and Tecno Android devices
  • App stability improvements

13 May 2024

Mapillary for Android 6.3.12 - Open testing

  • Images of captures are saved to Pictures directory on the device and accesible from outside the app
  • Added option to save selected images from not yet uploeaded captures

29 April 2024

Mapillary for iOS 5.10.2

  • Fixed bug where Profile page could crash
  • Fixed bug where the empty state on Profile was not centered
  • Fixed Profile stats card layout

22 April 2024

Mapillary for iOS 5.10.1

  • Fixed bug where opening a sequence from profile didn't work
  • Fixed bug where opening a sequence from the map would be very slow in busy areas

18 April 2024

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 4.3.0

  • Improved video support, added options to play video and open folder from the app
  • Added a “What’s new” section to improve visibility new features and improvements
  • Upgraded to ExifTool 12.78 for improved camera support
  • Fixed missing upload file size in upload history

16 April 2024

Mapillary for iOS 5.10.0

  • New Profile page with new design and features (aka Profile 2.0)
  • Added support for dash in usernames
  • Added image reporting dropdown for unlawful content
  • Removed "Preparing your mapping journey" screen during signup
  • Fixed bug where when a sequence is loading, the location of the capture is in the middle of the ocean for 1-2 seconds
  • Fixed bug where the capture time was displayed in the local timezone and not in the captured timezone
  • Fixed bug where imagery was disabled when user selected a different map style
  • Fixed bug where switching between map styles would deactivate the filter by date if it was enabled
  • Fixed bug where zooming in with 2 fingers and then interrupting the process would reset zoom
  • Fixed the order of color by age layers
  • Fixed lagginess when switching between camera and map in the Camera screen
  • Fixed bug where searching sometimes would yield duplicated search results
  • Fixed bug where the manual button would move when it was pressed
  • Fixed bug where the camera button was not present in the app when starting Mapillary in Landscape mode

21 March 2024

Mapillary for Android 6.2.33

  • Image reporting functionality new category (unlawful content)
  • Migrated to MapLibre as a map’s engine instead of MapBox.
  • Permission requests are shown at the exact moment when you need them.
  • Removed the excessive old design dependencies.
  • Restricted areas are visible on the camera’s map.
  • Registration confirmation email opens the app instead of confirming the registration.
  • Crash on deleting last image.
  • Crash on browsing the map.
  • Misplaced start-end date for captures in processing.

16 February 2024

Mapillary for Android 6.1.16

  • Introduced homepage screen with all your captures available on it)
  • Introduced Upload dialog to the homepage to enable users uploading all captures or just navigate to view them
  • Introduced labels to captures to indicate in which state they are and also when clicking on failed uploads it displays the reason for failure
  • Introducing Dark Mode
  • Introduced autofill and integration with password manager for login
  • Added dash support to the user name
  • Added filter coloring by age to the map in camera
  • Fixed filter coloring by age to not display old (red and yellow) sequences over the new ones (green)

11 January 2024

Mapillary for iOS 5.9.0

  • New Explore. Explore detail, and Leaderboards pages with new functionality and new designs
  • When using stored credentials to log in you no longer have to press 'continue'
  • Fix bug where icons in the login/sign up textfields had a shadow

4 December 2023

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 4.2.0

  • GPX and INSV files with the same names as videos chosen for upload will be automatically used as the GPS source. This enables uploading videos where GPS data is in a separate GPX or INSV file.
  • Videos are now shown in a list in the map view and you can choose to add a GPX file for each individual video.
  • Added a setting to skip duplicate check when uploading which will enables re-uploading images and videos.

26 Oct 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.16.60

    New designs:

  • Profile
  • Leaderboards
  • Improvements:

  • User uploads caching
  • User profile caching

20 Oct 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.8.4

  • Decreased CPU usage during capture by 40% (should help with overheating problems)
  • New login and signup design and flow with AutoFill enabled
  • Fixed bug where disabling automatic upload on Uploads screen didn't disable the corresponding toggle in Settings if Settings was open
  • Fixed bug where removing a blocked address caused the confirmation modal to pop up twice and freezes the app on iOS 15
  • Fixed bug where you could add duplicated blocked addresses
  • List of blocked addresses are now persisted between logouts/logins
  • Renamed "Screen flashing" and "Ultra-wide angle lens" in Settings to "Flash on capture" and "Use wide-angle lens"

14 Sep 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.15.45

    New designs:

  • Explore screen
  • New features:

  • Image reporting
  • Location tracking button on Explore
  • Sequence coloring by age

07 Aug 2023

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 4.0

  • Integrated ExifTool: enabled uploading videos and images from a wide variety of formats, file extensions, and cameras
  • Improved loading and processing speed
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

04 Aug 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.14.68


  • Onboarding screen
  • Forgot password screen
  • Login screen new design
  • Sign up screen new design
  • Share button on image
  • Auto login on sign up when email confirmed
  • Improvements:

  • Email regex

17 July 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.8.3

  • Fix for bug that would make images be up-side-down when capturing in landscape right
  • dd

10 July 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.8.2

  • New settings screen with new design and functionality (aka Settings 2.0)
  • Added manual capture (needs to be enabled in Settings
  • Added adaptive capture based on GPS reported speed. If you are going faster than 50 km/h (30 mph), capture distance is increased from 3 meters (1 feet) to 20 meters (21 yards) and image quality is decreased from 60% to 40%
  • Added support for screen dimming (can be enabled in Settings). This feature saves both energy and also helps with overheating when capturing over extensive periods of time.
  • New design of alerts
  • Fixed bug where the first image of a sequence could get an invalid location (lat 0, long 0)
  • Fixed bug where the camera and org selection in camera would not fit on smaller screens (iPhone SE)
  • Added functionality to report a user from their profile

27 Jun 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.13.45


  • Settings screen
  • In-app account deletion functionality
  • Blocked addresses design
  • Manual capture
  • Improvements:

  • Capture on highways
  • Image compression

30 May 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.8.1

  • Added the old upload UI/UX

16 May 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.8.0

  • New camera implementation with new design, aka Camera 2.0

27 April 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.12.95


  • Camera design and experience.
  • Improvements:

  • Orientation sensor handler.
  • Camera output quality.
  • Information feedback system.
  • Camera direction preservation between launches.
  • Addressed issues:

  • Wrong map layering.
  • Crash on opening external links.

4 April 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.7.0

  • Added support for automatic uploading

15 March 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.6.1

  • Fix for crash that would happen when exiting the camera after capture on iOS 12.x

2 March 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.11.23


  • Image stabilization.
  • On-device sequence on Explore.
  • Remember Map position.
  • Current location as default when the user opens the map.
  • Addressed issues:

  • Crash on finishing the upload.

1 February 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.10.15

    New features:

  • Embedded the application rating popup.
  • Added Picture-in-Picture support for all capture mods.
  • Improvements:

  • Persisted selected app settings after logout.
  • Updated network libraries.
  • Addressed topmost crashes of previous releases.

23 January 2023

Mapillary for iOS 5.6.0

  • Added support for background uploading

8 January 2023

Mapillary for Android 5.9.20

    New features:

  • Picture-in-picture mode for auto-capture.
  • Image preview on search.
  • Improvements:

  • Updated the Location tracker
  • Added a capture pause on high tilt as default.

8 December 2022

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 3.2.0

  • Images and videos can now be uploaded within the same session
  • Video locations and traces can now be seen on the map
  • Added support for file drag-and-drop (in addition to folders)

28 November 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.8.17


  • Sequences sorted by the least failed during the upload.
  • Images sorted by timestamp.
  • Capture and save are synchronized to improve memory consumption.
  • Chunk size increased on upload.
  • Libraries updated.
  • UI changes:

  • A horizon level on capture.

23 November 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.5.4

  • Increased the upload chunk size to 16 MB from 1 MB, which should give you much faster uploads if you have a fast internet connection
  • Sequences that are not yet uploaded are now also shown on the map in the sequence viewer
  • Translation updates

12 November 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.5.2

  • Fix for crash in uploads view if you had a sequence with just one photo

7 November 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.5.0

  • Captured, but not yet uploaded sequences, are now displayed on maps to make it easier for you know where you have captured
  • Next iteration of Mapillary Missions! Missions are now road shaped instead of square
  • Language updates

3 November 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.7.12

    New features:

  • Seamless uploads.
  • Private blocked addresses list.
  • Major updates:

  • Uploading mechanism.
  • Scheduled uploads resilient to phone reboot.
  • Improvements:

  • New attribution for maps.
  • Hiding old failed sequences.
  • New Mapillary icon.
  • Application bar for setting on the camera screen.
  • Removed old info message from login screen.
  • Addressed issues:

  • Crash on capture caused by detailed statistics.
  • Crash on dimmed screen.

20 October 2022

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 3.1.0

  • More video formats supported (BlackVue, CAMM and GoPro)
  • You can now upload more than one folder at the same time
  • Added support for uploading directly from an SD card
  • Chosen upload target is now persisted across sessions

5 October 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.4.3

  • Fixed map style and zoom for not uploaded sequences in sequence detail view
  • Fixed bug where searching for streets didn't work
  • Fixed crash when searching for user that doesn't exist
  • Fixed crash when stopping upload really fast
  • Improved map attribution

23 September 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.4.2

  • Replaced Mapbox with MapLibre
  • Updated Mapillary Missions map tile source

12 September 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.4.1

  • Map style URLs are now downloaded when the app is launched. It means you will always get the most up-to-date version of the map. Previously this was updated manually and shipped with the app.
  • Fixed crash on startup if device was in flight mode
  • Fixed crash on startup on iOS 12.x
  • Fixed flickering avatar image in uploads view when navigating the stack

5 September 2022

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 3.0.5

  • Added support for uploading BlackVue videos
  • Faster image processing
  • More user-friendly error messages
  • Many bug fixes and improvements: here

23 August 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.4.0

  • [NEW] Added leaderboards (available on the Explore screen)
  • [NEW] First pass of localising the app into 25 languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (European Portuguese), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • Fixed problems with user location not working reliably in Explore view
  • Fixed bug where viewing another user's profile shows your own stats
  • Updated the icon for Missions

16 August 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.5.34


  • Leaderboard (on Profile).
  • 10 new languages.


  • Search on Explore/Map.
  • Detailed stats on capture.
  • User security.

Addressed issues:

  • Crash on power-save mode.
  • Crash on detailed statistics.
  • Crash on stopping the capture.
  • Misinterpreted pano images.
  • Misaligned text on RTL languages.

20 July 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.4.24 (rollout release)


  • Replaced deprecated Camera1 with Camera2.
  • Added the camera screen rotation.
  • Smoothened the camera screen opening process.

New features:

  • Added capture support for unauthenticated users.
  • Added organization selection on the uploading screen.
  • Added four new languages.

Addressed issues:

  • Wrong compass positioning while capture.
  • Capture on turns.
  • Not translated text.
  • Picture rotation on some devices.

23 June 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.3.1

  • Added guest feature, which means you can try parts of the app without creating an account
  • Added support for changing email address
  • Fixed bug with stuck uploads

21 June 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.3.25

New features:

  • Guest user flow.
  • 10 new languages.
  • User statistics in profile.


  • User data and user feed network operations.
  • Data transfer security.
  • Bottom navigation UI.
  • User survey (removed).
  • Mapillary satellite map (removed).

Addressed issues:

  • Hang on opening uploads with too many sequences.
  • Broken dim on capture.
  • Absent shutter animation on capture.
  • Wrong number of images on upload.
  • Wrong sorting in the upload feed.

8 June 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.2.0

  • Added alternative upload method. If you have troubles uploading, please try this method (not enabled by default, you will have to enable it in Settings).
  • Added account deletion (available in Settings)
  • Added user stats to Profile
  • Added reset location button to Missions
  • Fixed bug where setting the profile description would fail
  • Fixed bug where viewing Profile with no activity could result in a crash
  • Temporarily disabled the satellite base map (will be enabled again soon)
  • Replaced with
  • Removed user survey

27 April 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.3.7

  • Enhanced the user report cycle
  • New camera layout components
  • Missing location tag which can fail the whole uploaded sequence error fixed
  • Corrupted camera layout on some Android devices fixed

01 April 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.2.34

  • In-app survey for experienced users
  • Crash on opening of the sequence details screen fixed
  • Crash on opening of the Camera screen fixed
  • Crash on uploading from the sequence details screen fixed
  • Crash on capture caused by our of memory fixed

30 March 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.10

  • added user survey (only shown if sequence count >= 10)
  • fixed spelling

28 March 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.2.27

  • Camera offset saved within the preview and upload
  • Consistent behavior within captured and saved images
  • The captured images search algorithm improved
  • A new user's profile image loading flow
  • "send logs" button consistency
  • Login error message updated
  • Trailing email whitespaces ignored
  • Opening the link within the application
  • Unintentional user logouts
  • Camera freezes with the screen turned off
  • Random crashes on Explore

14 March 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.9

  • Added setting for sequence length
  • Decreased upload timeout to 3s (was 10s)

24 February 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.8

  • More fixes for upload problems that could affect some users

20 February 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.7

  • Fix for upload problems

17 February 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.6

  • Fix for startup crash that could affect some users

16 February 2022

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.5

  • The capture counter is no longer reset when creating a new sequence due to max sequence length
  • Local uploads are now only deleted from the device when the upload session has been closed properly (an upload consists of uploading all bytes and closing the session)
  • Updated pre-screens and purpose strings

15 February 2022

Mapillary for Android 5.2.1

  • New screen transition animations.
  • Improved screens design.
  • Smooth launch of the application start screen.
  • Decreased screens launch time.
  • Fewer permission requests.
  • Increased application stability.
  • Incorporation of latest android components.

10 December 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.1.4

  • NEW FEATURE: Mapillary Missions. You can find it on the second tab.
  • Updated map styles to show street names
  • User location is now requested properly the first time the app is launched and the map correctly zooms to user location
  • Added localization to views that were not localized before
  • Fixed feed sorting bug
  • Fixed the problem where some users couldn't login and just got the "OK" prompt
  • Added shadow to the search bar in Explore to increase visibility

23 November 2021

Mapillary for Android 5.1.0

  • SDCard support
  • Upload improvements

26 October 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.15

  • Fix for transparent navigation and tab bars that could happen on iOS 15

26 October 2021

Mapillary for Android 5.0.9

  • Map styles update
  • User feed fixes
  • Organisations capture fix

22 October 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.14

  • Updated map styles to better show city names
  • Added sequence age colouring to Explore view. Toggle with the top-left button.
  • Added link to help pages
  • New tab bar icons

8 October 2021

Mapillary web app

  • More detailed processing status in feed

5 October 2021

Mapillary for Android 5.0.7

  • Upload improvements
  • User feed improvements
  • Various bug fixes

1 October 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.13

  • Fixed feed refresh bug
  • Errors reported by the API are now in the same language as the app
  • Fixed crash when trying to open camera view when camera access was denied
  • Ultra-wide camera setting is now hidden if the phone doesn't support ultra-wide
  • Fixed bug with future dates due to non-Gregorian calendar
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in copy in some places
  • Fixed bug where reloading the user avatar from the API could cause it to flicker
  • Changed email check to be stricter when creating an account

25 August 2021

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 2.0.6

  • Now available for Linux
  • Fixed thumbnail orientation when images are rotated

16 August 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.9

  • After adding EXIF tags manually, the sequence is now viewable
  • If no capture project is selected, it now shows "-" instead of nil in Settings
  • When logging out, the selected organization is now reset too
  • When entering "Profile" screen via the "Sequence viewer" screen, the settings button is now available

5 August 2021

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 2.0.5

  • Fixed bug with interpolation and camera offset overwriting each other

2 August 2021

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 2.0.4

  • Fixed antivirus warnings when installing or running the app on Windows
  • Upload progress view now shows the total number of sequences
  • Added button to view logs on upload error screen
  • Menu bar on Windows is now always visible
  • Version number is now visible in the corner on main screen
  • Disabled duplicate image checking
  • Fixed bug that prevented uploading to some organizations

22 July 2021

Mapillary for Android 5.0.5

  • Better handling of internet connection lost while uploading
  • UX fixes

20 July 2021

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 2.0.3

  • Users credentials are stored and will not be required every time the app starts
  • Fixed bug that prevented parsing exif from some cameras

16 July 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.8

  • Fixed crash at upload start for users on iOS 12.x

13 July 2021

Mapillary for Android 5.0.4

  • Resumable uploads
  • UI fixes

8 July 2021

Mapillary Desktop Uploader 2.0.2

  • Added new upload progress bar
  • Added option to interpolate image directions

7 July 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.2

  • Fixes crash for users on iOS 12.x
  • Removed plotting of not-yet-uploaded sequences on maps as it would make the app very slow to start (or even crash) for users with a lot of images (>10k)

Mapillary for Android 5.0.4

  • Explore view UX improvements
  • Upload UX improvements

24 June 2021

Mapillary JS v4

  • Add ES6 module build to distribution
  • Add TypeScript type definitions to distribution
  • Add custom render API for augmented experiences
  • Custom camera controls API to freely move the Viewer camera
  • Emit load event on initial Viewer load
  • Add data provider event functionality
  • Viewer option to deactivate image tiling
  • Read more: here
  • Full release notes: here

23 June 2021

Mapillary for Android 5.0.2

  • Stability fixes and improvements
  • Share image fix
  • Better UX for upload and image counter fix

14 June 2021

Mapillary for iOS 5.0.1

  • Fixed crash during upload: file conversion now use less memory and should fix crashes related to this
  • Updated maps to show the latest version of the sequences
  • The date in the feed now displays capture date (was creation date)
  • Updated links for about/terms/privacy documents

9 June 2021

Mapillary API

  • Brand new API v4: here

Mapillary Web App and Platform

  • 3D scene geometry display in Mapillary web
  • Coverage age display in Mapillary web
  • Better geo-search in Mapillary web
  • A redesigned upload system and experience
  • Streamlined user account management

Mapillary for iOS

  • New iOS version 5.0

Mapillary for Android

  • New Android version as separate app 5.0

Mapillary Plugins for iD Editor and JOSM Editor

  • Faster Mapillary data loading in iD and JOSM OpenStreetMap (OSM) editors

Retired features

  • Leaderboards (will be back soon)
  • Social logins via Google, Facebook, or OSM are replaced by email login
  • Marketplace, Capture Projects, Verification projects: we plan to bring back tasking for capture and data verification in a new form
  • Sequence editing will be retired aside from blur editing (Mapillary web app)
  • Tagging and commenting capabilities will be retired(Mapillary web app)
  • The Web Uploader - Please use our Desktop Uploader or CLI tools for uploads outside the mobile apps
  • Object detections are only available for and through map feature classes, and not as their own entity

22 December 2020

Mapillary Plugin for JOSM Editor

  • AI-assisted “smart edits” in JOSM, read more: here

5 November 2020

Mapillary Web App

  • Quality score on images, details in this post: here

27 October 2020

Mapillary Plugin for iD Editor

  • Linking to Mapillary images in the URL
  • See image of map features without image layer
  • Filter images by date and username
  • Click and drag the upper right corner of the Mapillary viewer to resize
  • Map features layer is available globally
  • Click a map feature or traffic sign icon to load an image viewing it
  • Read more: here

16 September 2020

Mapillary Web App and API

  • Release of scene classes, more details here here

28 August 2020

Mapillary Plugins for iD Editor and JOSM Editor

  • Point map features available for free globally through iD, RapiD, and JOSM here

29 June 2020

Mapillary for iOS 4.19.1

  • fixed reset password

24 June 2020

Mapillary for iOS 4.19.0

  • switched to a new, improvement upload backend

16 June 2020

Mapillary for iOS 4.18.8

  • fixed bug where the advanced camera view would not animate properly on iOS 13
  • fixed bug where the idle timer would be enabled when starting upload from upload view and then entering the camera view
  • fixed bug where the view was not properly dismissed after creating an account on iOS 13
  • fixed so that login flow cannot be dismissed on iOS 13
  • fixed Facebook login
  • added missing localization

Desktop Uploader 1.2.7

  • Performance and upload improvements.

5 June 2020

Mapillary Driver for Android 1.1.2

  • Voice message warning when app in the background and info on number of image captured.
  • Updated to latest SDK

Desktop Uploader 1.2.5 and 1.2.6

  • Performance improvements and library upgrades.
  • Fixed a bug where a blank screen would be shown after clicking "upload"

29 May 2020

Mapillary for Android 3.162

  • Upload credentials updated

18 May 2020

Mapillary for Android 3.161

  • Updated authentication

8 May 2020

Mapillary web app

  • You can now center the map on your current location, using the button at the bottom right

Mapillary for iOS 4.18.7

  • Sequences you haven't uploaded yet are now visible on the Explore tab
  • You can tap on them as well to view the sequence

29 April 2020

Mapillary REST API

27 April 2020

Mapillary Street-Level Sequences Dataset (MSLS)

  • Released the largest and most diverse dataset for lifelong place recognition from image sequences in urban and suburban settings.

Learn more on the MSLS dataset page and in the announcement blog post.

24 April 2020

Mapillary for iOS 4.18.6

  • Improved messages in the Achievements view

15 April 2020

Mapillary Driver for iOS 1.1.7

  • Added a notification to upload images when on WiFi
  • Improved the screens and workflow for submitting tasks and uploading
  • Fixed a bug where driving time was wrong in the Payslip view

9 April 2020

Mapillary for iOS 4.18.5

  • Fixed a bug where the image viewer wasn't properly sized when clicking on an external link
  • Fixed a bug where the single photo view displayed the wrong image if swiping instead of tapping

7 April 2020

Mapillary plugin for JOSM

  • Filter images of your organisation only
  • More powerful date filters
  • Automatic mapillary source tagging
  • UX/UI improvements

Read all the details in our blog post.

4 April 2020

Desktop Uploader 1.2.4

  • Bug fixes and improvements

9 March 2020

Mapillary Web App

  • In map view, the small image viewer now scales better with the screen size, appearing proportionally bigger on bigger screens

Go to the Mapillary web app to try it out.

24 February 2020

Mapillary Driver for Android 1.1.1

  • Added indicators for better progress reports related to uploading
  • Fix bug where the app freezes when opening the tab and stopping upload
  • Added a pop-up message when launching upload while not on WiFi

11 February 2020

Mapillary Web App

  • Better status indication when data is loading in various places of the web app.

Mapillary for iOS 4.18.4

  • Added existing Mapillary coverage to the map in the camera view
  • Fixed a bug where the sequence viewer would show a black screen after exiting fullscreen mode

10 February 2020

Mapillary Driver for iOS 1.1.6

  • Fixed a bug where rig mode wouldn't send traces after 5 min
  • Images will start uploading faster now (the image preparation step has been removed)

Mapillary for iOS 4.18.3

  • There's no separate "processing" step before upload anymore
  • You can now reset the custom exposure point by tapping on the exposure icon again
  • Fixed a bug where direction lock wasn't working properly

3 February 2020

Mapillary Driver for iOS 1.1.5

  • Fixed bug where time was not reported correctly when using external cameras ("rig mode")

24 January 2020

Mapillary Driver for iOS 1.1.4

  • Downgraded Mapbox because the latest library would cause crashes when stopping the capture

24 January 2020

Mapillary Driver for iOS 1.1.3

  • Fixed bugs that could cause the app to crash

23 January 2020

Mapillary Driver for Android 1.1.0

  • Added support for payslips
  • Fixed bug where captured images were ignored sometimes and thus impossible to upload
  • Fixed a bug where long map traces could not be uploaded (now sent in smaller groups)

8 January 2020

Desktop Uploader 1.2.3

  • Additional fix to prevent potential future issues with upload not starting

Download the Desktop Uploader.

2 January 2020

Desktop Uploader 1.2.2

  • Fix bug where upload wouldn't start but no error message was given either

Download the Desktop Uploader.