Camera recommendations

Any camera, anywhere

Capture imagery with any kind of camera to put places on the map through a collaborative street-level view of the world. Here are some of our recommendations.

360° Camera: GoPro MAX

The GoPro MAX is our recommended consumer-grade 360° camera. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive camera with high image quality, and built-in GPS, this is it.

With a 360 camera you can capture in every direction at once and mount it on your car, bicycle, or on a stick for walking.

GoPro MAX images and video are natively supported by the Mapillary Desktop Uploader and Command Line Tools.

Learn more about GoPro MAX

Dash Cam: BlackVue 900 Series

Dashcameras with built-in GPS are excellent for Mapillary use as they are designed for extended capture and are relatively inexpensive.

The BlackVue 4K models have excellent image quality, but many dashcams will work with drag and drop upload in the Mapillary Desktop Uploader, including the Wirecutter choice VanTrue N4.

Upload video with the Desktop Uploader

Action Cam: GoPro HERO 11

Action cameras are rugged, compact, and typically feature excellent image stabilization.

We like the GoPro HERO 11 for its built-in GPS (which the HERO 12 is unfortunately missing), though if you're purchasing primarily for Mapillary use, we recommend the omnidirectional 360 degree GoPro MAX (above).

Learn more about GoPro HERO

Mapillary Mobile Apps

Sometimes the best camera is the one that's already in your pocket. You can capture, upload, and explore Mapillary imagery with the Mapillary mobile app on Android and iOS.

For bonus points, enable wide angle mode and pair it with this inexpensive car mount (or read our full mount recommendations).

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