Using computer vision and artificial intelligence we automatically connect images, recognize objects and generate map data.
We offer images, data, services, and tools for our customers.
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Explore over 100 million images at your fingertips. Find what you need fast with advanced computer vision technology packaged in simple tools.
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Capture images with any camera, anywhere, and as often as you need. Upload and see the 3D reconstruction on the map within hours.
License images and data
Add Mapillary images to your website, location-based app, or geospatial service. Use data extracted from images to edit and improve maps.
Upgrade for professional use
Get comfortable with guaranteed processing turnaround times, availability, and support resources. Try out partner integrations to address specific workflows in your tools.
Learn how people use Mapillary
Infrastructure development
Capturing imagery to improve rural accessibility in China
Opening up access to road surveys of Melbourne and Geelong, Australia
Public works
Keeping traffic sign inventory up to date in Los Angeles County
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Mapillary in ArcGIS Online

Use Mapillary images and data in ArcGIS Online.

Mapillary provides ground level imagery and map data that you can enable as feature layers.

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Mapillary is available on the following mobile platforms.

- Android (4.0 and later)
- iOS (iOS 8 and later)

External camera app support

The following cameras can be controlled from the Mapillary iOS app. Android support coming soon.

- GoPro Hero3 Silver/Black
- GoPro Hero4 Silver/Black (but not Session)
- Garmin Virb X/XE

360 camera app support

The following 360 cameras can be controlled from the Mapillary iOS app. Android support coming soon.

- LG360 cam (R105)
- Ricoh Theta S
- Giroptic
- Open Spherical Camera (OSC) v1 and v2 compatible cameras


Web upload supports the following formats.

With GPS information in EXIF

- Images in .jpeg format
- 360 images in .jpeg format

With GPS information in .gpx

- Video in .mp4 format
- 360 video in .mp4 format

Contact us for importing other formats.

Integration tools

The following tools are available for integrating Mapillary viewing in your application.

- Embed code (HTML code)
- MapillaryJS (JavaScript library)
- APIs
- Vector and raster tiles

Data requests

Data request are available in the following formats.

- Shapefile

Contact us for other formats.

Image detections

The following categories are available as image detections.

- Labelled regions (segmentation). Currently: Manmade Structure, Person, Road, Sidewalk, Sky, Terrain, Tree, Vegetation, Road User, Water, Traffic Light.

- Traffic signs (bounding box). Currently: Europe, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia.

Map objects

The following categories are available as map objects.

- Traffic signs (map location). Currently: Europe, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia.